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Founder Coaching

As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John C. Maxwell’s proven leadership methods. Working together, we will move you, your team, and your ororganization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

  • A history of excellence in sales with roles with Matific, EPS Literacy and Intervention, MB Strategic Solutions LLC, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Technology.

  • Established a formal sales framework and built sales teams in seven countries with a multimillion dollar pipeline.

  • Successfully transitioned the business model from teacher-level sales to district-level sales.



Coaching is partnering with you in a thought-provoking process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. The process of coaching is to unlock your untapped intrinsic sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

Image by Amy Hirschi
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