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I help EdTech Founders win more school district budgets with a minimum 3-year increase in revenue through my CISS methodology without losing time and wasting budget.

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Meet Michael

EdTech Growth Architect | Global Sales Strategist | Leadership Catalyst 

Navigating the ever-evolving EdTech landscape on a global scale demands more than strategy—it requires innovation, empathy, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. I'm here to strike that balance.

As a seasoned Executive, I've honed a unique blend of strategic prowess and analytical precision that consistently propels revenue growth beyond expectations. My journey has a legacy marked by a global presence and a passion for cultivating leaders within teams.

For over 35 years in EdTech, I've left my mark at industry-leading companies. I've redefined industry standards with a track record of establishing successful sales frameworks across twelve countries and orchestrating seamless transitions from teacher-level to district-level to ministry-level sales models.

In a world of buzzwords and bravado, I believe in results, not rhetoric. 


What I Specialize In

Founder Coaching

EdTech Organizational Management

EdTech Strategy Coaching

"Mike is in a unique category of sales and management professional in the education industry possessing both academic business knowledge (MSOL) as well as years of selling a wide variety of products, including print, professional learning services and technology.  It starts with his genuine passion for education and blends that with keen insight and skills in getting prospects to reveal their problems.  The sale always become a win-win and customer satisfaction is always high.”

- Kathryn, VP of Sales

"Mike is the best kind of thought partner.  He is a deep listener, a strategic thinker, and an enthusiastic sales coach."

- Annie, Solopreneur, EdTech Writer, Marketing Content Creator

"I have gained many insights through my coaching sessions with Mike.  The outcomes I have experienced have helped in all my business relationships, especially in growing, developing and strengthening relationships within my team."

- Jerry Lyn, Marketing/Sales Director

"It was a pleasure working with Mike, as he led a team of 5 core leaders in the creation of a new Vision, Mission, and Core Values for our organization.  As a result, we are more focused, moving forward, and growing as a team and organization."

- Pastor Ricky, Senior Pastor

"Mike is an inspirational leader.  When I am around Mike, I feel compelled to accomplish more.  Mike challenges me to strive for excellence."

- Josh, Founder, Lead Ministry, Lead Volunteers

"Working with Mike has been an absolute pleasure. His expertise and guidance have been invaluable in helping me achieve my personal & professional goals! Every step of the way Mike has been a coach, cheering me on to achieve better results."

- John, Multi-media Strategist, Podcaster, Radio Host

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